Win the workplace and the marketplace will follow.
Every employer – private or public or municipal, big corporation or small business – faces risk in the workplace.
Unanticipated problems can easily turn into protracted and costly employment crises. The attorneys at Allen Brothers
help employers manage those issues and avoid the risk.

We have a long and impressive track record of anticipating, preventing, and minimizing employment issues:

  •  Employment policies

  • Compliance with state and federal laws and regulations

  • Administrative proceedings

  • Union/management relations and collective bargaining

  • Labor arbitrations

  • Discrimination and wrongful discharge actions

  • Family & Medical Leave Act issues

  • Whistleblower retaliation claims

  • Wage and overtime violations

  • Employment contracts

  • Non-compete and non-solicitation provisions

  • Executive compensation agreements

  • Breach of employment contract allegations

  • Severance packages

Because an ounce of risk management can save a pound of litigation, we advise human resource departments
regarding effective protocols and programs, and offer onsite training and education. Because litigation can
be expensive, we pursue negotiation and alternative dispute resolution wherever possible to end disagreements
quickly and preserve workplace morale. But we also know our way around the courtroom, and will vigorously fight for our clients when the situation warrants it.

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