A criminal prosecution puts your life, livelihood, and family in jeopardy. With so much at stake, you need an Allen Brothers attorney at your side.

You’ve been accused of a crime, arrested, and you’re headed to court. Neither the police nor the prosecutors are your friends, and their agenda doesn’t include proving your innocence. You need experienced counsel to protect your rights. Now.

Attorneys at Allen Brothers know the criminal process inside and out, handling misdemeanors and felony cases, including serious white-collar charges, in front of juries and judges in state and federal courts. A few of our lawyers previously served as county prosecutors and Attorneys General for the states of Michigan and Georgia, and some of our former colleagues now sit as judges and magistrates overseeing criminal matters. We have a deep tradition of zealously advocating on behalf of people whose livelihoods and liberties are on the line.

Whether the consequences involve monetary fines, probably, or jail time, a conviction can have a long-lasting and potentially devastating impact on your future and those around you. It’s not the time to take chances.

We hope you’ll never find yourself in this situation, but if you’re been charged with a serious crime, Allen Brothers is your first call